Founder of Bicycle Benefits Visits Salisbury

In early March of this year, I received an email from Bicycle Benefits founder, Ian Klepetar, telling me he was visiting Charlotte (the largest Bicycle Benefits city in the US) from Saratoga Springs, NY and wanted to stop in and check in on Salisbury. The next day, Ian showed up at the shop on a bike. While in town, Ian stopped in at several Bicycle Benefits businesses introducing himself and exercising the program. He also visited Hurley Park and climbed a tree.


Ian has some very specific dietary requirements. What better place to look than Simply Good, a Bicycle Benefits business!


I invited Ian to stay the night at my home. We made a pit stop at the supermarket and picked up a few preservative-free items. Then went to my house and prepared a fairly healthy and quite impressive meal consisting of baked potatoes, beef tips, and a salad made with mustard greens. It was obvious neither of us really knew what we were doing but it turned out to be a masterpiece of a meal.


Before returning to work the next morning, we fueled up on pancakes made from almond flour which is free of grain and gluten. Then we headed out on our bikes towards town!


It always feels great to bike to work!


Koco Java offers 10% off of fresh brewed coffee to anyone rides their bike to the coffee shop and presents the Bicycle Benefits helmet sticker. Visit the shop and get yours TODAY!

After our chilly 12 mile ride into town, it seemed appropriate to stop by Koco Java, yet another Bicycle Benefits business, for a hot cup of coffee for me and tea for Ian.

You can find a complete list of businesses offering Bicycle Benefits nationwide, including Salisbury, by visiting …and it just so happens, we have stickers available at the shop. Stop by and get yours ASAP, if you don’t already have one!

While visiting, Ian shared with me the idea of offering a Bicycle Benefits carrying card for those of us who have a closet full of helmets and don’t want to buy a sticker for all of them. I loved the idea because…well, that describes me. So look for that option soon!

After our coffee, Ian set off on two wheels toward his next stop in Greensboro, another town where you will find businesses offering Bicycle Benefits.