Demo Serfas Variant Performance Saddles

Buying a new performance saddle can be a frustrating endeavor to embark upon. One of our frequently asked questions here at Skinny Wheels Bike Shop is “What’s the best saddle to ride?” If that question had an easy answer, we’d just stock that saddle and that saddle only. Alas, everyone’s anatomy is different which is why saddles come in all different shapes sizes and firmness. So finding the right one can be tricky.

We love Serfas saddles for a number of reasons. They have plenty of Saddles to choose from, the prices are extremely competitive, and they offer a 90 day comfort guarantee. So if you buy one of their saddles and come to the realization, 20 miles into your next ride, that you and that saddle are not going to get along, you’re not stuck with it. Bring it back to the shop and we’ll either find one that will work or we’ll give you a full refund.

Serfas Variant Saddles

With Serfas’ Variant saddles, not only did they take the shape and size into consideration but also the firmness of the saddle. They’ve added a feature to this line of saddles allowing the rider to change the firmness (or the flex) of the saddle using interchangeable compression inserts. Skinny Wheels Bike Shop is proud to offer our customers the opportunity to demo these saddles to try out on your next rideĀ  so you can see why we love them so much! Try one or try them all until you find the size, shape and configuration that will work for you.

Check out this video to learn more about this saddle can help you!