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Wheel Building

Crank Up Your Ride with Custom Built Wheels!

Forget off-the-rack mediocrity – at Skinny Wheels Pedals & Pints, we believe your ride deserves bespoke brilliance. That's why we offer custom wheel building, crafting high-performance wheels that match your riding style and budget like a perfectly tuned song.

Why Go Custom?

Lightweight Prowess: Ditch the sluggish clunkers and soar up those climbs with wheels built for pure speed and efficiency.Shed precious grams without sacrificing strength,thanks to expert component selection and meticulous construction.

Dialed-In Precision: No more one-size-fits-all compromises.We tailor your wheels to your unique riding style,terrain,and preferences.From nimble climbers to all-weather beasts,we'll build the perfect match for your pedal power.

Spoke the Difference: It's not just about parts – it's about artistry.Our master builders weave spokes with the precision of a watchmaker,ensuring perfect tension and flawless truing for a ride that's as smooth as a freshly poured pint.

Turning Heads (and Gears): Custom wheels aren't just about performance,they're about expressing your individuality.Choose from a dazzling array of hubs,rims,and spokes to create a masterpiece that turns heads on the pavement and fuels post-ride bragging rights.

From Dream to Spokes: Our friendly wheel gurus will guide you through the process, step by spoke. Share your riding goals, terrain, and budget, and we'll recommend the perfect components to build your ultimate set. We'll handle the meticulous build, ensuring each spoke sings in perfect harmony, leaving you free to dream of the epic miles ahead.

Ready to roll?

Book a consultation: Chat with our wheel wizards and start crafting your dream set.

Explore our components: Dive into our curated selection of hubs,rims,and spokes to find the perfect match.

Get inspired: Check out our gallery of past builds and witness the possibilities.

At Skinny Wheels Pedals & Pints, we believe your ride deserves a symphony of spokes and satisfaction. Let's build your perfect wheels, one sip and spin at a time.